The Motor City Soul Club turned 5 years old in April 2019, and celebrated by throwing a big birthday bash at Marble Bar on April 13.

Your friendly neighborhood soul-slingers Brad Hales, Erica Aytes and Dan Austin invited back 15 local guests we’ve had spin with us at the 70 Soul Stomps over the years. Think of it as the Motor City Soul Club Soul Stomp Revue.

The list of DJs of the night, featuring, in order:

  • Eric Silvenis
  • Dave Lawson
  • Michael Hurtt
  • Mike Dutkewych
  • Tom Dechristofaro (DJ Alright)
  • Adam Stanfel
  • Nick Soule
  • Modern Geoff Perrin
  • Kenen Juska (Chances with Wolves)
  • Nick Speed
  • Jon Francois
  • Brian Hill
  • Erica Aytes
  • Brad Hales
  • Dan Austin
All photos by Stephanie Rhoades Hume.